Our whole grain mustard has been ground down just enough to form a paste; however, not enough to break down all the mustard seeds. This creates the name "stone ground" or "course ground" mustard. The added hit of horseradish enhances the flavors even more and can tingle your nose. This spicy condiment goes well on sandwiches, in salads such as egg and chicken salad, fish, deviled eggs, and much more. We prefer to use it on our charcuterie board as the perfect dip for cheese and (of course) or popular smoked and dried sausage. You can even use it as a glaze for your next meal.


The perfect amount of honey, rice vinegar, horseradish, marsala, and the finest mustard seeds are used to create this "grainy" mustard spread. This handmade food can accompany so many culinary plates and is a great addition for picnics and the holidays.


Each order is:

• Vacuum-sealed for ultimate “freshness”


In this order, you will receive:

• (1) Whole Grain Horseradish Mustard ($12.99-8oz.)


*The mustard does not contain preservatives, therefore, please refrigerate once opened. The jar is tastefully packaged and shipped using Priority Mail (1-3 days). FREE shipping applies for orders over $35+. Please plan your order accordingly, as we strive for freshness and prompt shipping.


This is a food item; therefore, improper care will negatively impact the quality. Please plan your order accordingly. We ship super-fast and will not be responsible for packages left unattended, unrefrigerated, or showing negligence of the buyer. We would be more than happy to issue a replacement order if applicable and if your purchase is within the 2-week time frame.


*Please order carefully, as we do not accept returns. Please contact us immediately should there be an issue and we would be more than happy to replace your item or resolve the problem to the best of our ability.

Horseradish Mustard

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