Each order contains:
(8 oz.) of select, peeled garlic cloves
*Placed in a sealed, glass jar for ultimate freshness.


Enjoy this preserved, homemade condiment that goes great with grilled proteins or as a side dish for a charcuterie or cheeseboard. We suggest spreading it on a crostini, warm baguette, or cracker. Chef Daniel also suggests using this to finish your family style pasta dish or paella-yum!

This gourmet delight is cured in sea salt and submerged in extra virgin olive oil. It also has a hint of rosemary. The taste is a mild sweet version of toasted garlic and makes for a very healthy snack. The foodie is sure to enjoy the garlicky sweetness that this provides for any dish!


The garlic confit does not contain chemical preservatives; therefore, please refrigerate once opened. 

The jar is tastefully packaged and shipped. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on us if you spend $35 or more! Please plan your order accordingly, as we strive for freshness, prompt shipping, and do not accept returns.

*SPECIAL ORDERS & QUANTITIES welcomed, however, could take up to 7 business days for processing.  

Preserved Garlic Confit

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