Perfect foodie gift right here! Give this gourmet gift box of smoked dried sausage and premium nuts to someone who loves gourmet food or enjoys to cook! Forestiere's sausage is a pork blend that is cured and prepared with expertise.


Forestiere's gourmet gift box is also perfect for the foodie or anyone who enjoys specialty food.  Serve the ready-to-eat sausage and nuts at your next gathering. If you like summer sausage or beef jerky, you will be sure to enjoy our product! Free personalized message if you're looking to gift this product (see below).


Each Gift Box contains:
(1) 6 oz. Butter Toffee Almond, Toasted Coconut, Blond Chocolate (Gourmet Nut Mix)
(1) 6 oz. Roasted Cashew, Dark Chocolate, Dried Cherries (Gourmet Nut Mix)
(1) 6 oz. Salted Macadamia Nut, Dried Cranberries, White Chocolate Chunk (Gourmet Nut Mix)

(1) 6 oz. Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Candies and Raisin, Salted Peanuts (Gourmet Nut Mix)
*All in clear containers with screw-on lid.


(6) sticks (12 oz) Pepper Finger Sticks
(6) sticks (12 oz) Maple Cheddar Sticks
(6) sticks (12 oz) Ghost Pepper Sticks
*Each pack of sausage is heat-sealed in a poly bag for ultimate freshness. 


What makes Forestiere LLC different? We pride ourselves on freshness. We use all-natural casing, no chemicals or preservatives, and ask that you consume your sausage immediately upon receiving it. Our product is handmade by a certified executive chef that only uses quality ingredients. The sausage is then expertly smoked and dried for the perfect crunch. The sausage can be eaten immediately, grilled or added into your favorite dish. Forestiere's sausage packs tremendous flavor and the smoked pepper fingers are said to be a tad addicting.


The sausage does contain a curing salt, however, please refrigerate if not consumed right away to ensure the consistency, flavor, and quality of our product.


The sausage and nuts will be tastefully packaged in a box with brown crinkle paper and your personalized message (if added), will be placed on top. Forestiere will offer FREE shipping of your gift box using Priority Mail (1-3 days). Please plan your order accordingly, as we strive for freshness and prompt shipping.


Our sausage is handmade and is gluten-free, sugar-free, keto-friendly, all-natural, and a great source of protein.


*Enjoy a FREE personalized message with your purchase as well! Send a message to go along with your gift. We will be updating several new products in the weeks to come!


*Please order carefully, as we cannot accept returns.  Please contact us immediately should there be an issue and we would be more than happy to replace your item or resolve the problem to the best of our ability. Our item is a perishable food item, therefore, plan your order accordingly. We ship super-fast and will not be responsible for packages left unattended, not refrigerated, or at the negligence of the buyer.


*SPECIAL ORDERS & QUANTITIES may be accepted, however, could take up to 10 business days for processing.


Have an idea or flavor you'd like us to try? Send us a private message and we would be more than happy to accommodate your taste buds!

Sausage and Nut Gift Box

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  • Our item is a perishable food item, therefore, plan your order accordingly. We ship super-fast and will not be responsible for packages left unattended, unrefrigerated, or showing negligence of the buyer. We would be more than happy to issue a replacement order if applicable and if your purchase is within the 2-week time frame.

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